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Kingdom Restoration Ministries

"Large enough to serve you...Small enough to know you."

Pastor Norman & First Lady Rachel Davenport


Sunday School: 9AM

Morning Worship: 10AM


Prayer: 6PM

Bible Study: 6:30PM


Prayer: 12PM

Our mission is to help individuals realize their God-given purpose which restores them holistically, to strengthen and connect family relationships, and to evangelize and empower the community by bringing life through the Word.

KRM is devoted to the advancement of the Kingdom of God, through the spreading of the Gospel.  At KRM, we stress that through salvation not only will the “quality of life” of believers be enhanced here and now, but it also delivers from judgment in the life to come.


We have committed our lives and ministry to the growth, maturity and development of God’s people.  The vision of KRM is for all believers to understand their purpose, realize their potential and walk in power.  Therefore, the Word of God is communicated through relevant, practical, simple messages. 

KRM is more than a church of brick and mortar; it is a loving family of godly men, women, young adults and children, growing in Christ.  We invite you to join us in fellowship at any of our anointed services or events.



what we believe

Salvation:  deliverance from the penalty and judgment of sin that comes through faith and confession in the work and name of Jesus, the Son of the living God.  Salvation brings about the new spiritual birth, which makes life in the Kingdom of God a reality;

Kingdom of God: The culture of heaven and its King influencing the earth; both now and forever.  The way God does thing;.

Holy Bible: God's message to mankind for instruction, correction and doctrine, communicated to holy men who wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit;

Faith: The only way man brings pleasure and satisfaction to God.  Faith increases as we hear and speak the Word of God.  Faith allows you to see or look beyond your present situation. We live by believing and not by seeing;

Confession: Death and life are controlled by our words.  Our words are poison or fruit.  We will have what we say;

Life: Jesus came in order that we might have life, quality of life, and have it in full measure.

pastor norman & First lady rachel davenport




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